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Browning Hi Power Base Pads

Fed up with your Mec Gar 13 and 15 round Browning Hi Power Mags bending their metal floor plates? Say hello to the Murican-made solution! Precision-machined in the good ol’ U.S. of A. from top-grade 360 brass or 6061 aluminum, these base pads are the answer to your mag problems. Each one includes an aluminum retaining plate, ensuring a snug fit that won’t budge. Plus, they’re designed for hassle-free removal – no tools required! Whether you’re using the end of a bullet, your keys, or even a really skinny pinky finger, these base pads have got you covered.

Magnum Golf Ball Marker

When your buddy said, “wanna hit the range?” you were all geared up for shooting, but it turned out he meant golf. Classic mix-up, right? Well, I’ve got just the solution – introducing the Magnum Golf Ball Marker. Crafted right here in the good ol’ USA from stainless steel and brass, it’s a scale .357 Magnum Revolver Cylinder for the greens. About the size of a poker chip and weighty at just under 1.5oz, it’s the perfect way to make your mark on the course. Grab one today and show your pals that shooting is way cooler than golf – or at least, on par with it!