Premium Browning Hi-Power Base Pads for Mec-Gar Magazines

Designed and Machined in the U.S.A. out of 360 Brass. Each base pad comes with an 6061 Aluminum retaining plate that securely locks the base pad to the magazine body. Also, you don’t need a specialized tool for removal. A key or a pen will do, so that you can quickly and easily clean/service your magazine.

No more bent floor plates

The steel floorplates are great until the first time you drop one. Then they bend and you will probably have to put in a vise to remove it. These floorplates are designed for real world use (although repeated drops on hard concrete is not recommended).

Easy removal

At some point you’re going to drop a magazine and have the remaining rounds bind up in the magazine body, or get had dirt/sand get in the mag. Now you can remove it with no specialized tools. Keys, pens…etc all work great.

More grippy less slippy

Aggressive checkering on the bottom provides way more traction than the standard base pads.

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